Company mission and value

  • 1. Customer satisfaction

    We make sure that our products are in the high quality, original, meet the company's mission and that all our customers and consumers are satisfied with them and are happy to come back for more.

  • 2. The company's reputation

    We have built the reputation of our company and maintain it as an important value. Our goal is for our employees to be proud of our company. We treat the company as if it were our own. We want to be an attractive employer in the region.

  • 3. Support for new ideas

    We look for new interesting solutions and we set the trends in our field. We support a creative working environment that is open to all new ideas.

  • 4. High-quality and safe products

    We put high-quality and safe children's products on the market. The product's quality is its ability to fulfil the purpose for which it was designed. Having the lowest price is not our criterion, but rather to have a high added value at a corresponding price.

  • 5. Integrity

    We keep our commitments and fulfil our promises made to partners and employees. We act openly and strive for honesty, decency and good ethics.

  • 6. The motivation of employees

    We carefully select employees who will be able to realize our mission and vision and we invest in their continuous development and education. We encourage teamwork and give space to each of our employees so that they can take part in achieving the company's goals. We do not consider our employees as a means of production, but as partners in working towards the achievement of our common vision.

  • 7. Knowledge

    We consider knowledge and information to be valuable capital and we effectively use the tools and methods for their preservation and sharing within the company. We support the further professional education of our employees.

  • 8. Social responsibility

    In our work, we strive for environmental protection and sustainability. By adopting the FSC standards, we are contributing to the protection of the disappearing, threatened and devastated forests around the world. With our products, we support selected sporting, social and charitable events for children in our region. We act responsibly within ethical, legal, commercial and social expectations.